Our Business

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Our Business


We are a leading merchant linking customers and suppliers through our businesses across 5 countries and 20 sites. We provide customers with a broad range of quality products while adding value through excellent service and sustainable supply chains. We work hard to ensure that our product ranges continue to meet the changing needs of our customers. That's why our product range has extended beyond the traditional realm of the paper merchant and now encompasses diversified products such as sign and display and industrial packaging. 

With operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, our typical customers are printers, publishers, designers, advertisers, corporations and the office market.  

Superior brands

We stock an impressive range of high quality paper, board, plastics and industrial packaging, graphics and sign & display materials sourced from the best suppliers worldwide.

As a re-seller of chain-of-custody certified and recycled papers, we have a Supply Chain Policy that guides us to procure products from approved sustainable fibre sources.  All our businesses hold a range of chain-of-custody certifications such as PEFC and FSC as appropriate. 

While our products are sourced globally in order to gain the best value, it is our local connection with customers that really drives our business. It is through the long-lasting relationships that our local businesses form with customers that influence the products and services we provide.

Product knowledge

With such a broad range of products to choose from, and with complex factors such as environmental considerations increasingly influencing the selection process, the task of selecting the most suitable material for the job in hand can be daunting. The knowledge and experience of our local representatives will ensure that our customers always choose the best product for their needs.

Technical support

Our customer service is backed up with technical expertise to provide professional and timely problem solving for any problems arising with the products we supply. We offer ongoing support until the project or job is complete.

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